Renewal Information
  December 10, 2013 We started the power generation enterprise of renewable energy as new business. The "Chita photovoltaic power plant" was completed to Mihama-cho (in Chita-gun, Aichi-ken) as first project on November 26, 2013.
Chita photovoltaic power plant
  February 26, 2013 We added a scene image of the product introduced, the turn table, an introduction example of an elevator for large baggage in "Shibuya Hikarie", and an introduction example of an elevator for glasses in "Azaleas Kawasaki".
  July 31, 2012 We updated the registration certificate of an environmental management system ISO 14001 certification.
  June 4, 2012 We updated "the construction results".
  April 10, 2012 We newly set up a home page of our new products "private power generator".
  january 23, 2012 We updated the page of an elevator "turn car lift".
  October 1, 2009 We added an article "About the amended Building Standards Law".
  April 24, 2009 New product Guidance of stair lift
  April 1, 2009 We established Kanazawa office.


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