Permission & Authentication Contractor's License (Construction, Steel Structure and Machine Appliance Setting)
Certificate of The Licence Granted License No. : ( TOKU-23) No.576
Senior Registered Architect Office in Japan No.35831
ISO 9001 JICQA-0181
ISO 14001 JICQA-E157
BL Labeling System
・Machinery Roomless Model Elevator BLELU101217
Business Contents ・Elevator and Car Lift
・Escalator & Escalade
・Mechanical Multistory Parking Lot
・Turn Table / Rotary Observatory
・Parking Lot Operation Management System
・Machinery Multistory Parking Space for Ship
Sales, Design, Production, Construction, Maintenance Written above ( ISO Registered Business as Writteen above)
・Building Total Management
・Security System Sales
・Biomass Energy Generation Business
New Plan, Generation Facilities, Setting, Administration, Maintenance
Establishment of a Company Oct 8, 1958
Capital \185,095,200
Main Stockholder Company Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.,Resona Bank,
Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd.
Own Bank Resona Bank,Mizuho Bank,Mitsuisumitomo Bank,Shoko Chukin Bank

Quality System & ISO 900 Certification
ISO 9001 Quality Policy
"We provide better quality products and services which give customers good aftertastes and satisfaction."

We acquired a certification of "quality management systems ISO 9001" which is an international standard in December, 1996 through strict examination by JICQA (JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.) and established quality assurance systems.
We process business such as the flow of job from sales activities to maintenance, document management, recording, education, and training, etc. based on requirement of the international standard, and all our staffs are striving to enhance the system in accordance with the quality policy day by day.

(Register Base)
Headquarter, Osaka, Ageo Factory, Ina Factory
Environmental System, ISO 14001 Certification
ISO 14001 Environmental Policy
"We shall be considerate toward comfortable and vital earth environment and aim for coexistence of human and nature."

DAIKO is contributing to the formation of a society which makes life pleasant through designing, installation and maintenance of elevators and mechanical parking facilities.
Our company shall recognize our own social responsibility, endeavor to maintain environment and perform duty to form a society which makes life pleasant as a good corporate citizen through business activities as well as contribute to enhancing quality of earth environment through processes of these activities.
We acquired a certification of "an environmental management system ISO 14001" which is an international standard in August, 2000 through examination by JICQA.
We plan detailed environmental management program such as reduction of use of paper, electric power and gasoline, secure disposal of industrial waste such as scrap material and waste oil in construction sites and the warehouse, reduction of motor capacity, power supply system and power consumption, etc. by means of energy-saving design, and we endeavor to contribute to prevention of environmental pollution as much as possible.
(Register Base)
Headquarter,Osaka,Sapporo,Sendai,Yokohama,Nagoya/Fukuoka,Ageo Factory

BL Certification

BL label is a "certification for good housing components". "The labelling system for good housing components" was initiated in 1974 as a system certified by the Minister of Construction and it is currently certified by Center for Better Living Foundation.

Quality, shape, performance, safety, durability and after-sales-service, etc. of housing constituents such as framework, unit of interior and exterior or building equipment are examined and if they meet the certification criteria, they are certified as the good housing components.

Our company developed machine room less type elevators which reduced construction cost, enhanced flexibility of design and was effective for energy-saving by means of eliminating machine room of elevators, and acquired the BL label in 2002 (machine room less type elevators: certification number: BLELU101217).

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